West & Hill’s values are fully embedded within the team and are the guiding principles for our business and how it operates.


We take pride in our work and deliver the very highest standards of workmanship. The team is qualified and experienced in many disciplines and every employee of West & Hill is not only earned their place on the team because of their individual talent but also because of the positive & professional attitude they bring to what we do.


We believe you should know who is working in your home. Our team has associated ourselves with multiple organisations who provide you the customer with information on our qualifications, experience, previous job testimonials, licences and accreditations, as well as training and support to our company to ensure we are up to date with current standards. These organisations conduct independent random inspections on us to ensure these high standards are maintained. All this information is easily accessible on the internet in order to give you confidence that you are employing the right team for your project and that we are accountable for our work.


We are passionate about making the building trade smarter and cleaner. The environment is now a major issue and in the construction industry over 400 million tonnes of waste per year is produced, 80% of which is avoidable and 37% of CO2 is attributed to our buildings. We aim to improve on old fashioned building solutions by implementing more environmental and carbon friendly construction through better design and careful product selection and raise awareness of sustainable building techniques that can out-perform more established construction methods.

(statistics from supply chain sustainability school)